Archibull wins the Event of the Year at Trangie Australia Day Awards!!

What a 48 hours the Archibull Prize has had

It started with an overwhelming response from primary schools to the call out for Expressions of Interest for the 2014 Archibull Prize in the Junior Landcare Newsletter

I am beginning to think school teachers work dairy farmers hours The emails started at 4 in the morning and continued till 11pm last night and started again at 5.30am this morning. How exciting to see schools so eager to be involved 

Then this – does it get any better than this –  The Archibull Prize has won the Event of the Year at Trangie Australia Day Awards!!

“The success of the project has been an enormous promotion of Trangie across the whole of Australia. It has absolutely put Trangie on the map!”

Archibull wins Event of the Year

Excerpt from the Narromine News

But wait there is more the Junior Citizen of the Year was Pat Skinner

Pat is a dedicated and enthusiastic participant in a wide range of activities. He is a fantastic team player and contributes 110 per cent in everything
with unfailing humour – Archibull Prize video, dancing schools
spectacular,  movie nights,
school band, discos for out of home care kids, and
is now a keen sailor.

Trangie Central School John Bull (27)

Patrick Skinner

Over the last 10 years Art4Agriculture has put me in the spotlight and I have been lucky enough to pick up some wonderful awards like the Bob Hawke Medal in 2012 which have provided a vehicle to open the door and spread the word about the great stories of our Australian farmers and their produce right to office of the Prime Minister and thanks to AWI and their Young Farming Champions – Prince Charles but I don’t think anything has given me more of a buzz than this

See and celebrated the 2013 Winners including this phenomenal effort from Trangie Central School here

On Day 6 Archibull judging we saw and talked a lot of bull

School Twenty Six of the Epic 2013 Archibull Prize judging road trip saw Wendy and Lynne visit Trangie via Dubbo for the first time

Trangie Central School’s “John Bull” is a MACHINE! Lights, sounds and action! He is a very clever cow who can teach you a lot about the cotton picker and its processes. He is the King of the Paddock!”


John Bull (like his namesake John Deere) is integral to the cotton industry, and focuses in particular on the technical aspects of the industry. He is based on the revolutionary John Deere 7760, which is the most advanced cotton picker available. His paint is even authentic John Deere paint! Very authentic!

He uses actual yellow cotton picker ‘boots’ at the front to pick the cotton and to discard the trash. The circuitry on his sides represents the technology and microchips that help machinery such as this to run. The iPad embedded in his side adds to this and tells even more stories about cotton.

Trangie Central School John Bull (8)

Cotton is caught at the front, picked and sorted as it moves through the cow, to emerge briefly on its way to the catcher where bales are formed. The bales are held, and then dropped at the end of the row.

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Movers and Shakers in Cotton

In this case, the cotton bales are very unique and show the process from a mini raw cotton bale, to refined and then to one made from cotton products. This bale also shows logos of local cotton groups and producers, as well as sample pouches of the stages of cotton production and the by-products.

Trangie Central School John Bull (14)

All that is left to tell of the cotton story from Trangie is the postcode of where John Bull was made and where he lives – 2823 written proudly on his side!

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