Archibull Prize Judging …a bit more

Model Farms High School

w IMG_8036

“Lady Moo Moo” is a character! (This is not surprising really when you consider her namesake Lady Ga Ga).


She is dressed from head to hoof in denim and cotton, inlaid with intricate and subtle detailing.

y IMG_8080

She is not a cow you are likely to forget easily –not too many cows have horns quite like hers!

v IMG_8027

Her udder and hooves have been carefully and very painstakingly wrapped with precision.

u IMG_8020

and her messages have been, quite literally, sewn into the fabric of her skin.


Did you know that Model Farms High School found they had a 100% denim ownership at the school? Every person owned something made from denim –whether it was jeans or some other item.