Pick the winner of The Archibull Prize 2015


It is with great excitement that we announce the finalists in The Archibull Prize 2015 .

The judges decision is in and now it’s your turn to decide the People’s Choice.


Click on the photo to see a larger version and vote for your favourite Archie.

We know these photos don’t do the entries justice so if you would like to see more elements and both sides of all these masterpieces and meet the students who created them you will find them in our Flickr Album here 

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Author: Picture You in Agriculture

The world needs creative, innovative and courageous young people who can connect, collaborate and act. We know that youth may only be 20% of the population but they are 100% of the future. The time is now to let them share their dreams and design the future they want to see.

125 thoughts on “Pick the winner of The Archibull Prize 2015”

  1. The Henry Lawson High School is an amazing school and these rural students have the dissected subject matter better than a butchers blade. And how about that nose!
    Winner, winner, marbled beef dinner.

  2. Also proud to be part of the Northlakes community, such beautiful staff and students. Great job to all involved I hope you win 😃😃😃

  3. Northlakes High Brilliant detail and love the knitted beany, makes a great story so interesting. Great work

  4. For such a small school in a little country town Henry Lawson High School they have had some great achievements of the years. Congratulations on an amazing effort & good luck!!

  5. Great work Northlakes. You deserve to win. you have put so much effort and thought into you’re work.

  6. Well done Northlakes Public, you have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into your design. Hope you win.

  7. Proud of our Henry Lawson High School in Grenfell,NSW – it is s great school, with great people and idea!

  8. Great Job Northlakes PS Staff, students and visiting farmers. Fantastic effort and a wonderful learning experience.

      1. Should have also won with the “cotton ipad cow” but had no colour like raw cotton so was “too far” out there for the judges

  9. Calvary’s (Carbrook) Archibull is fab – and they are always doing so well at anything they attempt. Good kids, good teaching!

  10. Great job by matraville!! Teacher and students have shown major dedication. Alot of time and effort has definitely been put into this one! Fingers crossed!

  11. Love the Wiripaang’s bull… The connectedness with another farming export of cotton, the Bonds brand tied in, the cotton reels, etc. Well done Wiripaang!

  12. West Pennant Hills your cow is fantastic!!! I love the trendy jeans and the extra bit of gold bling. But best of all I love that the kids got to add bits that reflected their learning – like the cotton touches from Year 1. Go West Penno!

  13. *giggles* GO CALVARY! A working water system? Now that’s pretty cool. One side depicting what it is like with agriculture and the other the devastation that happens, along with noting that we are not the only people out there shows a wider knowledge of the world!

  14. Wirraapang public school is a wonderful support network who not only are there for students and families but for the community.
    Students have done a top notch job!!

  15. Outstanding effort from the students and staff at Matraville sports high school! Congratulations!

  16. Go Stockinbingal Public School. You guys have it in the bag! My favorite school Iv been to! 🙂

  17. Very proud of the students at Stockinbingal….such a small school, such a great achievement

  18. Very proud of your entry West Pennant Hills – Gene looks fantastic! Congratulations to all of you and good luck.

  19. Congratulations to Calvary Christian College – Springwood Campus. Cotley the cow is a wonderful display of thought provoking art. Good crop , Bad crop. Great ideas students.

  20. West Pennant Hills great creative thinking, what an excellent result.
    Congratulations and well done to all involved.

  21. WOW the Hurlstone’s Cow! The detail of the muscles on the cow and the shadow filled with science equipment is impressive and clever. Well done to the students and staff at Hurlstone!

  22. The Hills Sports High School has made the finals on their first attempt. This is an amazing interactive artwork with powerful connections to the mentor farmer they worked with. Such a great use of materials and creative thinking. Well done to all.

  23. Fantastic effort by students and staff at Matraville High School. Well done. A great standard of competion across the board.Congrats to all

  24. Some really interesting and creative works here. I love to see the different interpretations on each cow being presented. Well done to all the schools in this competition.

  25. Top shelf job again to Matraville High’s students – a talented bunch of kids! All schools look great, what a great competition!!!!

  26. This is Calvary’s first ever entry and I am so impressed by the commitment of the kids and how much they learnt. Everything was done by the year 9 students and it has taught city kids do much about agriculture. You are already winners guys.

  27. Well done to Calvary Springwood campus team. What an amazing outcome and your girl looks sensational. You can all be so proud of your efforts and getting to the final is a huge achievement.
    Well done to everyone involved.

  28. Well done Calvary Springwood Campus. What an amazing result getting to the finals!!
    You can all be so proud of yourselves. I know how much work has gone into this project and all of your efforts have paid off. What a talented group of students you are.

  29. Wow, “unbovinable”, well done The Hills Sports High School, an excellent effort from talented students. Loved it

  30. Mama had a chicken,
    Daddy had a cow.
    They just finished their bean burritos,
    and they’re voting for Hurlstone now.

  31. Go Calvary Carbrook!! You Rock big time!!!
    The students have dedicated so much of their free time to peruse the agriculture course at the school! They have also done very well at the various shows they compete in.
    All credit goes to their teachers, parents & themselves. They are so amazing!

  32. Cowvary’s cow is incowdible becowse their cow can moose a cowtastic water filtration system moostly based off the uncown cowncept of tailwater. Cowvary deserve to win the moost becowse of their moognificant students and their mooraculous teacher Moosrs Cowsty Cowt. Cowngratmoolations on your moond-blowing cow!!!!

  33. Cowvary’s cowtton cow is amoozing becowse they moode the moost amoozing cowncept of tailwater and none of the smoodents are art smoodents even though their painting scowlls are udderly incowible! Furthermoo, smoodents like Mookayla, Ellmoo, Annamoose, Cowmooron, Davcow and Almoox are absomootely moovellous and Moo-sers Cowsty Cowt is an udderly moognificent teachcow. Cowngratmoolations to the Cowvary smoodents and I hope your moognificent cow will becowme the winner!

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