and the winners are?

20 schools and lots of excited guests came together today at the home of the Royal Easter Show to find out who had won the Archibull Prize.

There was a lot at stake including these superb hand painted trophies by Wendy Taylor

Muirfield High School was pretty excited to find out they had won the best PowerPoint or Video section

Not only was there a cheque for $500 they got one of those very impressive one off original Archies too

Equally excited was the team from Shoalhaven High School who took out best blog ( a tie with De La Salle College)

Team Shoalhaven with their Young Farming Champion Stephanie Fowler

Team Shoalhaven and their cow

De La Salle College got a big cheque and a trophy

and reconnected with their Young Farming Champion Richie Quigley

Model Farms received an award of excellence for their artwork and their PowerPoint

Model Farms Cow being admired by Young Farming Champion Bronwyn Roberts with  Ann Burbrook

This is one visually stunning cow

The winner of the best cow was the team from Caroline Chisholm College seen here  admiring their trophy. The dairy industry is sooooo lucky to have these young people  telling their story through art .  Wow

Congratulations to Winmalee High School who won an Award of Excellence for their very clever cow “Singer” who is featured in the middle of the first photo.

Some of the Cream of the Crop winners

Sarah Leonardi-McGrath with some of the Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Berkeley Vale Campus team who won a number of Cream of the Crop awards as well as an Award of Excellence for their blog

Sarah had some exciting news for the schools in the audience and I will share this with you shortly

The lovely Sophia Wakeling who we are looking forward to working with in 2013


We did says James Ruse Agricultural High School

James Ruse Agricultural High School students with the Artwork Judge Wendy Taylor and their Young Farming Champion Richie Quigley.

On behalf of Art4agriculture Jordan Kerr says thank you to our Guest of Honour Sara Leonardi-McGrath. More from Sara shortly so watch this space

To our judges – thank you so much this was a tough gig

Alison Fairleigh – over judge

Lisa Claessen – blogs

Ann Burbrook – Videos

Sophie Davidson –PowerPoints

and our very special art judge

Wendy Taylor

I will put a complete list of the Prize Winners on the web in the next few days

Congratulations to all the schools, teachers and students. You did yourselves proud and I salute you all

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